Dr. Joanna Tylman DMD, DDS


Endodontics Wheeling IL

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating intricate dental issues that mostly impact the pulp of the teeth. Endodontists treat problems with the dental pulp and roots using cutting-edge methods. The portion of your tooth that stays below your gum line and holds your tooth is called the root. Endodontists treat dental pain and try to preserve natural teeth if possible. Endodontists mainly treat tooth decay, dental trauma, abscesses, cracked teeth, and other conditions that affect the pulp or root tissues of the teeth.

Endodontists may also be referred to as root canal specialists. This procedure involves extracting the tooth’s damaged or infected pulp and sealing it again to stop further infection. The Root Canal restores the tooth’s seal after extracting any diseased or damaged pulp to stop reinfection. These procedures frequently provide symptom relief while preserving your native tooth. It’s critical to treat dental pain seriously. See the best endodontist near your location; at Dental Art Clinic, we serve across Mount Prospect,  Arlington Heights, and Wheeling, IL.